Body Armor FILIN BTM

he design of the body armor meets the requirements of GOST R50744-95 (russian standard) and is designed to protect the torso and vital human organs from damage:

  • Pistol bullets according to BR1 (NIJ II) class of the protective structure of armored clothes GOST 50744-95;
  • Bullets of automatic and rifle cartridges according to NIJ IV+ level (BR5 class protective structure GOST 50744- 95  (when equipped with regular armored panels Ermak BR5);
  • Fragments of shells, mines and grenades according to C2 (NIJ I) class of the protective structure GOST R 50744-95;
  • From the armor contusion injury with a reduction to severity II and mechanical damage;
  • As well as for transporting elements of combat equipment when worn and service and the conduct of all major types of hostilities.




   Modular tactical body armor assault vest “Filin BTM” modernized, with the possibility of building anti-fragments modules to assault configuration. In the assault system of active counteraction of the type of Filin BT-5M, the concept of maintaining the user’s activity, continuing to perform the combat task, inflicting damage to the enemy and moving forward after a bullet hit in the zone protected by the armor was implemented. The price is indicated for picking “A”.

  • Protection ballistic splinterproof over the entire area of ​​the bulletproof vest (in configuration B) up to 107 dm2 (size XL), protection class – C2 (GOST 34286-2017), in application areas CAPs up to 27 dm2, protection class – HG II (NIJ 0101.07).
  • Set of CAPs FILLIN Flex (2 infants, 2 lateral)
  • FILLIN transport bag.
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