CAP Fillin Flex

Chests Damper CAP Filin Flex. Provides shock-ballistic impact damping in case of multi-hit shelling of armor plates with class Armament and Ammunition Br4 and Br5 with reduction of overgrape contusion injury to the normalized level (up to a range of 1–2 degrees).

(Price is per pair)




  • СAP (climatic and anti-traumatic damper) is used in tactical equipment with Br4 and Br5 (russian standard GOST R 50744-95 or NIJ III – NIJ IV+ level) armor plates of protection classes and provides effective differential damping for the costal zone and for the abdominal cavity zone of vital organs.
  • By external dimensions and protection areas, they are optimally integrated with most armored panels of domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • The efficiency of damping under impact is provided by the differentiated configuration of the supporting corrugations for the costal zone (AREA «A») and for the abdominal cavity zone (AREA «B») of the projection of vital organs.
  • CAP has a low-profile overall thickness CAP (corrugations height – 10 mm; total CAP thickness – no more than 14 mm).
  • The layer-by-layer degree of rigidity of the damping package from the front to the rear of the CAP provides dissipation of the impact-ballistic impact with the impact distribution on the local area covering at least 3 corrugations.
  • The materials developed for damping and antibacterial protection in modern professional sports equipment, including ski and hockey helmets, ski boots, sports shoes for basketball, biathlon and athletics, were used as a multi-layer damping package.


Additional Benefit Details:

  • Provides antibacterial protection in the zone of contact of the support surface of the CAP with the surface of the body in the zone of vital organs.
  • Provides uniform passive ventilation and heat discharge from the body surface in the zone of vital organs.
  • External and internal materials of the CAP design do not absorb moisture.
  • There is no threading in the area of ​​the multi-ribbed damping surface of the CAP.
  • Ability to install additional lightweight ballistic protection against fragments of ceramics and bullets from the zone of destruction of Br4 or Br5 armored panels (optionally as an integrated multi-layer internal hard-pack of UD-UHMWPE fabric and polycarbonate).

(Price is per pair)

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