Ballistic protection

Ballistic protection Filin and 54TAС bulletproof and splinterproof. Protection class Br1 + C2 (russian standard GOST 34286-2017) corresponding to level HG1 NIJ 0101.07 (with Filin Flex dampers in outer body armor and DRT 54TAС* in hidden-wear body armor). Protection class Br2 + C2 level HG 2 NIJ 0101.07 (with DRT 54TAC for level Br2 in concealed wearing bulletproof vests).
* DRT54TAC ballistic protection is not used when equipping modules and parts of bulletproof vests of small area and complex shape.
The minimum price per dm2 (according to the level Br1 + C2) is 250 rubles (from $3,5) , incl. VAT 20% depending on the total area of the product and performance requirements.




Technological solutions for the production of ballistic protection with the best-in-class weight indicators for protection parts Br1 and C2 classes per unit area. The list of main and auxiliary aramid fabrics used in the construction in the production of body armor complies with GOST 34286-2017 and Technical Conditions TU14.12.30-002-31506839-2108, TU14.12.30-003-31506839-2018. Some details of ballistic protection for the most popular body armor (BNS, Filin BTM, Arkhangel) are certified as independent commodity items (see the section Certificates). The price is indicated for 1 dm2 and includes 20% VAT.
Technical characteristics:
– In assault body armor and plate carriers with no below  “Fillin Flex” dampers in protection class Br1 + C2 GOST 34286-2017 (HG 1 NIJ 0101.07): weight 19 g / dm2, thickness 3.5 mm (excluding KAP);
– In hidden-wear bulletproof vests in combination with DRT TAS54 according to protection class Br1 + C2 GOST 34286 -2017 (HG 1 NIJ 0101.07): weight 21 g / dm2, thickness 3.9 mm (excluding DRT);
– In concealed wearing bulletproof vests in combination with DRT TAS54 according to protection class Br2 + C2 GOST 34286-2017 (HG 2 NIJ 0101.07): weight 40 g / dm2, thickness 7.5 mm (excluding DRT *);
– All ballistic protection constructions are made in waterproof covers.
Application and compatibility:
– Body armor BT-5M, BTM full set for class C2 – up to 105 dm2 for the 2nd conventional size (L)
– Body armor BNS-5, BN C-4, BNS, (size L) in class C2 – up to 26 dm2 Armor jackets Archangel, Argus (size L) in class C2 – up to 24 dm2
– Any bulletproof vests according to the customer’s templates
– Used for hidden-wear body armor in combination with new DRT** 54TAS (DRT HW for civil and any hidden-wear body armor)
* DRT for a structure according to protection class Br2 (HG 2 NIJ 0101.07) in design and technical characteristics differs from DRT Br1 (HG 1)
** DRT 54TACa damper or layers in a protective structure of hidden-wear body armors to reduce armor trauma. The DRT can be a separate independent part of the armor protection structure.
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